Salespersons (food) with focus on: bakery/pastry shop/butcher's shop

The selling process starts when the customer enters the shop. Due to the smell of fresh food, the friendly atmosphere in the salesroom, and a nice smile the customer feels good.
His expectations: He would like to get answers from an expert and individual advice. This is easy for salespersons. They can communicate with the customer and have an expert knowledge of what they sell. 

When the focus is on bakery/pastry shops: In the Federal Republic of Germany, bakeries and pastry shops offer approximately 400 bread types and more than 1200 types of cookies and pastries. It is true that not every bakery offers such a large range but salespersons have to know every detail on what is offered in general, i.e. they have to be informed about agreeability, ingredients and flavour.

When the focus is on butcher's shops: Ready-for-sale products and fresh cold cuts/meat are in the focus. The topics that customers want to ask the salesperson are how to cook the meat and what receipes are the best or how to prepare a party. Today, snacks, finished products, meals for single housholds and party service play an important role within the meat-processing industry/butcher's shop.

Salespersons do not only offer their service to customers but are also responsible for an appropriate decoration, the wrapping of gifts as well as an appetizing goods presentation. 

All persons that like to be in contact with others and are interested in diversified work, will be happy to choose this profession.