Butcher (m/f)

Butchers (m/f) produce sausages and cold meat, gourmet food, meals and tinned food. In butcher shops they present and sell the products and give advice to customers.

Butchers can find jobs especially 
in shops dealing with butchery 
in the butchery industry 
at retail 
at wholesale
in slaughterhouses and at companies cutting up meat. 
Moreover, they can be employed
in the catering industry, for example in taverns with a butcher's shop of their own.

A butcher (m/f) is an occupation requiring a formal training of 3 years (industry and handcraft).
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The training can be specified by so-called "Wahlqualifikationseinheiten" depending on the training company:
Producing of special sausages and cold meat
Producing of meals
Customer service and sale