Press tool operator and metal tool mechanics (m/f)

Press tool operators and metal tool mechanics (m/f) build component parts mainly from Panel sheets and wire. They set up the required machines and systems and control the flow of material. They supervise and optimize production processes and take over repair and maintenance work.

Graduation: There is no regulatory framework requiring a special education. Companies mostly employ trainees that have achieved the certificate of secondary education ("Hauptschulabschluss").

Type of occupation: recognized occupation requiring formal training 

Type of training: dual training in industrial plants in the Baden-Wuerttemberg region

Duration of training: 3 years

Places of training: training company and vocational school (dual training)

The lessons are held in so-called lesson blocks ("Blockunterricht"; also see "Blockplan"). There is a theoretical part as well as a practical part. The exam part I is done in the second training year and at the final exam is done at the end of the third training year.

Pupils/students living at a far distance from the school have the possibility to be accommodated in a hostel incorporated into the school.

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