Future Supermarket

50 German and French trainees of the Beruflichen Schulen Kehl and Alsatian vocational education facilities meet in the training centre of the Chamber of Industry and Commerce at Strasbourg. The mutual project brings together young people from both countries.


„What does the future supermarket look like?“ This question was the main topic for mixed groups of 50 young French and German students at the training centre in Strasbourg. The project was put into practice by the Entreprendre pour Apprendre (EPA), a French facility, which supports  entrepreneurial strategies of young people, in cooperation with the Alsatian Chamber of Industry and Commerce, the supervisory authority of Strasbourg, the LIDL Company and the Beruflichen Schulen Kehl.


The students hadn't known each other prior to the project and do not share the same language. However, they worked out concepts for an "ideal supermarket" - as they consider it to be. It was a pleasant - and not only hard-working - atmosphere.


Within the scope of a first transboundary „Innov-EPA“- program many ideas have been developed which the organizers were enthusiastic about: electronic shopping carts, sophisticated home delivery concepts, reassessment of the home or transboundary products … The language barrier was soon overcome.


Afterwards, each team had the possibility to convince a jury, consisting of company representatives and responsible persons of the Alsatian Chamber of Industry and Commerce, the superior authorities of Strasbourg as well as the Beruflichen Schulen Kehl, of their respective concept. The German-French winner group were provided with vouchers for the "Europapark", where the trainees may spend one day. 


The transboundary cooperation with Partner Schools and institutions has a long tradition with the  Beruflichen Schulen Kehl and represents a focal point as to the competence of the schools in the Ortenau region.

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