Our philosophy

The school climate at the BSK can be defined as an interaction of mutual respect and understanding for each other

Learning within a community requires communication. Prerequisites for a successful communication are respect, mutual understanding as well as the willingness to listen to each other. We try to give an individual and constructive feedback to our students based on interest and motivation and not on pressure. The teaching staff gives advice and helps students in case of difficulties and offers support when they require special supporting measures. Our aim is to enhance “learning on one’s own responsibility” ensuring long-term social and vocational competences. It also enables the students to show initiative.

The lessons at the BSK are based on contemporary teaching methods

The lessons are based on the principles of an interdisciplinary and project-related teaching method that is instruction field-oriented. Our aim is to allow for an education that offers state-of-the-art technology. Vocational and general education is of the same importance. A close cooperation with plants, an adequate equipment as well as special professional training for teachers is indispensable.

Our students are provided with the support required for the vocational qualification

Our aim is to prepare the students for their lives as mature citizens in society and in their future professions. Mental as well as mechanical efforts combined with „responsible working“ have to be shown. Special supportive measures like „Jugendberufshilfe“, and supportive measures concerning training-on-the-job and further school lessons complete our education offer. The close cooperation with parents /legal guardians, welfare institutions and information centres goes without saying.

Within the Euro-District the BSK cooperate on various levels with the French partners

Our current partners are French vocational schools in Straßburg, Schiltigheim, Chalons-en-Champagne, and Reims. Mutual activities are: Franco-German projects, field trips, plant visits, student internships as well as a “teacher exchange”. In addition, we create trainings-on-the-job within the field of the Franco-German vocational school together with our partners . At the Beruflichen Schulen Kehl the students can get certificates accepted throughout Europe, as e.g. the EUREGIO certificate and the KMK certificate.

Our school has been improving its acknowledged high environment standard

When aiming at the conservation of nature and in addition, at economic prosperity, education is clearly to be allocated a key role. Thinking about how to save energy and how to use renewable energy contributes to more attention and further improves the environmental situation.