School development work at the BSK

OES, SET und STEBS process are abbreviations which stand for the innovation and power of creativity of the vocational schools. They describe the path to growing self-responsibility, combined with the aspect of quality assurance and Quality development.

The school development system of the Beruflichen Schulen Kehl (Schulentwicklungsteam "SET") consists of:
Carmen Betz-Vigneron, Dorothee Cremer-Hoffmann, Norbert Hense, Karin Hetzel-Kabiri, Rudolf Kaufmann, Wolfgang Köbele, Dr. Bernd Rother, Meik Wellhäuser and Peter Cleiß.

Persons to contact
Karin Hetzel-Kabiri or Dr. Bernd Rother

For the philosophy of the school development team please click here.