Crisis group

Crisis group at the BSK

Emergency situations have a few things in common: There is a low likelihood of occurrence, they are not predictable, they are very diverse, they threaten life and good health and a quick action is required.

„The head of school, the teachers, and other school personnel as well as the students/pupils have to be prepared for violent acts as bomb threats, hostage-taking etc. as well as damage due to force majeure, e.g. fire, catastrophes or accidents. These situations have to be recognized and dealt with successfully by contacting the competent persons/institutions. It's the duty of the teachers and the school personnel to be familiar with the rules of conduct and to observe them in case of emergency." These are the regulations 1721.6-7/16 stipulated by the Ministry of Education of Baden-Württemberg and to be applied in cases of violence and in cases of damage at school.

The BSK crisis group has been installed In order to fulfill the regulations and to manage emergency situations successfully.