Berufskolleg I

Kaufmännisches Berufskolleg I

Educational objective:

The one-year training called "Kaufmännisches Berufskolleg Wirtschaft I (BK I)" aims at broadening general education. Furthermore, basic knowledge for future tasks in economics and administration is acquired.

If the pupils' average marks of the core subjects (Business administration, German, mathematics, English) are 3.0 or better, the pupil may apply for the BK II to achieve the entry qualification for the Fachhochschulreife (after the BKII training and after having passed the exam).

Required education for admission:

The moving up to class 9 or 10 of a grammar school or the successful graduation of a "Real-, Werkreal- or a two-year "Berufsfachschule" is a prerequisite for admission to the "Kaufmännische Berufskolleg I".


Since the academic year of 2014-2015 applications have only been accepted via the central online-application procedure: 



Berufskolleg II

The "Kaufmännisches Berufskolleg II" is based on the BK I and leads - in one year - to the "Fachhochschulreife" which authorizes for studying at a „Hochschule für angewandte Wissenschaften“ (University of applied sciences) (in former times: Fachhochschule) in the Baden-Wuerttemberg region.

For a nation-wide recognition a stage of minimum 6 months has to be evidenced additionally.

The subjects are the same as in BKI, there are only two exceptions: Im berufspraktischen Bereich wird statt Textverarbeitung und Geschäftsprozesse das Fach „Büromanagement“ unterrichtet und als zusätzliches Fach kommt Biologie hinzu.

All pupils have to take a written exam in the three core subjects German, mathematics, English as well as in the intensive course "Business Administration". 

In addition, they have to take an oral exam in - at least - one significant subject . This could be a subject in which the pupil has already taken a written exam. 

Supplementary "economics" program: If you participate in a voluntary two-hour class and successfully pass an additional exam you can achieve the training qualification „Staatlich geprüfte/r Wirtschaftsassistent/in.



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