Grammar School of Further Education for Business and Economics

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Dr. Joachim Schoepf
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Grammar School of Further Education for Business and Economics - educational objective: A-Levels (Duration: 3 years)

Educational objective:

Our Grammar School of Further Education for Business and Economics enables the pupils/students to achieve the A-Levels in a three years' time. The A-Levels "Allgemeine Hochschulreife" qualify for university entrance comprising any university, university of applied science and/or "duale Hochschule" at home and abroad.


The subjects are basically the same as the ones taught at other grammar schools of general education. A special focus, however, is on the intensive course (6 hrs/week) "Volks- und Betriebswirtschaftslehre mit Rechnungswesen" (Economics and Business Administration incl. accounting). It is part of the core subjects like mathematics, German, and the first foreign language.

A-Level exams:

All pupils/students have to take a written exam in four subjects, namely in the intensive cours, in mathematics as well as in two other subjects.
In addition, they have to take an oral exam in another subject.
One of the five subjects has to be a foreign language.

Required education for admission:

a) "Realschüler", "Werkrealschüler" and pupils of a two years' vocational school: average marks of the main subjects (German, maths, English) have to be 3.0 or better and there should be no subject that is worse than "4".
b) "Gymnasiasten": moving up to class 10 (8 years to A-levels) or 11 (9 years to A-levels)


Since the academic year of 2014/2015 applications have only been accepted via the central online-application procedure:
online-Anmeldung WG